Monday, December 5, 2016

The Final Week

Week 15 has finally arrived for the semester, which means every last minute assignment I have put off throughout this semester is now due. Many of these assignments are final papers or projects where the professor warned you to start early, but in the end you don’t because you think you’ll have time to do it the next week. This week has by far been one of my busiest dead weeks throughout my time at Ohio Northern University.

Many times this semester I have felt as though I have been sprinting just trying to stay caught up, and currently I am sprinting toward the end of a marathon where the end almost seems in site, but not quite. Dead week truly stands for what it means because almost all college students are exhausted by the end of the week from too many late nights. At the end of this week, students don’t really get the needed break they deserve because next is exam week, where the late nights seem to continue.

Thankfully, I only have two final exams, so I am more concerned about getting through dead week than exam week. The end of the semester is so close, so in order to get there I will keep thinking about break where I will get to enjoy time with friends in family both at home in Michigan and in Florida on the beach.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Saturday, Another Game Day

This past Saturday was the famous Michigan versus Ohio State football matchup. Once I got out of work on Wednesday, I headed up to Liberty Center, Ohio where I was spending the remainder of my break with my boyfriend and his family. Every game day, his family invites many of their friends over and they all watch the game. Every game day, there is also more food there than what is needed.

The game didn’t start until noon, but we were all up and moving by 8:30 a.m. Tyler had to get ready for work, while his parents and I got ready for people to start arriving around 11:30 a.m. Of course, I had to wear red this day and get the ever famous photo with the blow up Brutus. This day and game, is the only one every year, where I will wear red and say Go Bucks!

This game was definitely one for the books as it didn’t just go into overtime, but into double overtime. The tension inside the house could be felt, as no one could believe this was happening. The tension really started to sink in when Ohio State’s field goal kicker missed not one, but two field goal attempts. In the end the Buckeye’s pulled off the victory. They now needed to wait for the Michigan State versus Penn State game to be over because they needed a Spartan victory in order to be Big Ten East champions.

In the end, Michigan State wasn’t able to pull off the victory, so Penn State will be taking on Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis on Saturday. Overall, having to be a Buckeye fan for the weekend wasn’t too bad, especially when I get to see the University of Michigan and Jim Harbaugh lose.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Game Day

I spent my Saturday in East Lansing at Spartan Stadium. The game started at noon and we got to East Lansing around 9 a.m. We started the day off by tailgating with my uncle and some of his friends. The weather was about 35 degrees with a sleet and snow mix. We then made the trip from the parking lot to the stadium, which took about 20 minutes.

The original plan was for my dad and I to go to the game, but more tickets became available to us on Wednesday from family friends.  With these extra tickets my dad, sister, boyfriend, and I all went. We had three tickets in one area and two in another. After the long walk to the stadium, we then had to walk up about 30 steps.

The weather was still cold and snowy by the time the game started, but once we were packed into the stadium we were a little warmer. Throughout the game we made friends with the people around us, even if I had an Ohio State fan with me. By half time the game was tied 10 to 10. Halftime also meant it was time for a bathroom and snack break. By the time I left and then returned about 25 to 30 minutes had passed. The game continued to be close through the third and fourth quarter, but in the end Michigan State went for the 2-point conversion and failed. Michigan State ended up losing 16 to 17 to Ohio State.

Once the game was finally over, it was time to make the 20 minute walk back to the car. My brother was waiting for us at that car as he was planning on coming home for the night. After an hour and a half in the car, we all headed straight for the couch as we just wanted to lay down, nap and relax. Even though my team lost, I would not change the day or experience for anything.